eVolution CLE for coating on plastic films and paper

The eVolution CLE series can coata wide range of products on plastic film and paper,and laminate with various adhesives. This line of machines is equipped with interchangeable carriage coating units which permits the use of a variety of coating application systems and, when combined with the cylinder sleeve changeover system, speeds up changeover operations. The coating units are supplied according to the application involved, e.g. kiss roll, direct gravure, with multiple dosing cylinders, semi-flexo, hot-melt, flexo etc., for the application of solvent, water, UV, acrylic or wax based products and adhesives. In addition, they can print 1 colour, also in register with preprinted areas. This application is sometimes useful for the coating in register of products like cold seals.

The drying section is composed of modular sections that permit the ideal configuration of these machines to meet specific requirements. The high efficiency of these drying systems allows for high production speeds while ensuring ideal evacuation of the solvents. Alternative drying systems, heat recovery systems and solvent concentration control systems are available.

The tension of the materials used is controlled with maximum precision in each area to permit perfect control during lamination. In this regard, the use of vector drives ensures superior tension control and reduces maintenance.

The safety of these machines is a critical feature. The machines have, therefore, been designed to guarantee completely safe operation.

  eVolution CLE
Number of coating/laminating units, Coating units 1
Coating/lamination width 800-1400mm
Roll diameter 800-1000mm
Maximum mechanical speed 350m/min
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