Doctor blade system

doctor blade system

Our doctor bladesystem is innovative and the result of 5 years of tests, and suitable for inks, paints and various solvents.
It has been designed down to the last detail to ensure ease and speed of installation on many machines and models.
It is made of not Teflon but a new generation polymer that repels water, acid and paint.

Our doctor blade systemsignificantly reduces vibrations by more than 60% compared to conventional ones.

What makes our doctor blade system stand out above other conventional ones?

  • Weight 50% less than that of other conventional doctor blade systems
  • Vibrations reduced by more than 60%
  • Made of water, solvent and acid repellent material.
  • A water-resistant system made to last
  • Simple and easy to assemble DOCTOR BLADE system, requiring no tools and only minimal operator intervention.
  • Proven technology with 3 year guarantee for inks and paints.
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