eVolution SL, a new generation laminator

eVolution SL is a new laminator capable of meeting the present and future needs of converters, in line with the philosophy behind the latest machinery by FLEXOFEM: modularity and versatility.
Designed as a solventless laminator, it can be upgraded with simple modular kits. Innovative technical features, combined with high reliability, high performance and simple operation, make eVolution SL the right investment for converters.
The eVolution SL is the ideal technical solution to meet current needs while also looking to the future. Solventless lamination represents an excellent opportunity for the market; however, water or solvent based adhesives continue to be used for technical reasons. eVolution SL introduces an innovative approach, preparing converters to successfully meet the challenges ahead. The particular structure makes it possible to transform the machine one step at a time and attain a higher level of lamination, with the addition of the drying tunnel and various application kits. It is a concept that makes it possible to update and reassess your investment. We always look to the future and adapt our solutions to even the most extreme challenges.

  eVolution SL
Number of coating/laminating units 1
Max. coating width 1360mm
Max. laminating width 1370mm
Max. roll diameter 1000mm
Maximum mechanical speed 400m/min
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