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The "g - EFFICENCY" package is based on principles that apply to any company operating in a niche industrial market where the use of liquid inks and ink thinners plays a central role.

In the current economic situation, it is important to consider the risks and issues often associated with these substances:

  • The continuous decline in Production Value due to handling, preparation and disposal, as well as the danger posed by these activities
  • The daily increase in prices due to the daily decrease in raw materials
  • Production inefficiency and higher costs due to frequent downtime; the inking substances cause "dirt" and "deterioration" to the machinery every day of use
  • The amount of thinner used to clean the inks that represents Passive Costs difficult to recover during the production cycle and creates sources of danger when handled
  • Excessive consumption of Polluting Substances also involves considerable responsibility with regard to the potentially negative impact on the environment involved; To not be a socially and ethically minded company is to harm the land
  • To go against the terms of the modern Green Economy and the principles on which it is based means to deviate from the requirements of stakeholders around the world, namely Competitors, Customers and Local Authorities.

Precisely because of these issues, it is essential today to be extremely technologically advanced in the use and handling of liquid inks and thinners; meticulous control of production, quick drying of inking units, and an exclusive solvent recovery/storage system are just some of the solutions that

“g – EFFICIENCY PACK” offers.


The main objective of "g - EFFICIENCY PACK" is to provide a rapid, efficient and integrated all-in-one Ink Dispensing, Circulation and Washing System. Our system is based on a unique design to ensure the full and complementary performance of the equipment, with immediate benefits in terms of: Time savings, Regeneration of used solvents and financial savings as a result, Automation combined with the best ease of use, Ideal Production Control.

Thanks to its transverse flexibility of adaptation, it can be easily applied on machines that use liquid inks, and on flexographic units in particular.

About G-Efficiency, ideal for flexographic machines

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