iPress gearless printer

iPress, a modern flexographic rotary printing press meeting the current and future needs of converters and in line with the philosophy behind the latest machinery by FLEXOFEM: modularity, versatility and reliability.

Designed with the rational selection of standard accessories and suitable for upgrading with the integration of additional accessories and modular units, it represents a good investment for converters since it can be revalued and updated at any time.

Innovative technical features, combined with high reliability, exceptional performance, ease of operation and interchangeability of each unit and part of the machine, make iPressthe most efficient machine to meet even the most exacting needs of converters.

iPress can meet the need for:

  • Quick changeover operations
  • User-friendly graphical interface with touch-screen for setting the parameters
  • Repetitiveness of the operations using recipes saved on the operating system
  • Accuracy of printing, also on stretch plastic film prone to elongation or retraction during the process
  • Operations without the need for tools and simplified sleeve changeover.



The iPress is both flexible and intuitive and can be run in either manual or automatic mode, allowing the user complete freedom of choice depending on requirements.

The settings and procedures are controlled by means of user-friendly supervision software on a touch screen.


Gearless model

There is a servo motor for each axis of the printing cylinders to ensure the precise print length required.

On the printing element is a special anchoring system for the sleeve spindles to guarantee good print quality.

The iPress allows you to print any length within the permitted minimum and maximum thresholds (850 mm), since there are no restrictions posed by repeats, and to print other lengths within a small range of adjustment.

The repeats can be adjusted using an electronic system which communicates directly with the drive motors of each inking unit.

gearless model

Drying and circulation tunnel

Extremely efficient drying capacity, for excellent performance even when printing at high speeds. Optional integration of the air circulation system, guaranteeing high energy savings by recovering used air and recirculating it in the circuit.

An LEL probe monitors the concentration of solvent in the air at all times to maintain a level of solvent that complies with current regulations.

  iPress 808 iPress 8010
Number of colours 8 10
Diameter of the central drum 1850mm 2500mm
Print width 800-1400mm 800-1400mm
Repeats 300-800 mm 300-800 mm
Maximum speed 400m/min 400m/min
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