The printing units in the " jPress" line were designed to be particularly compact, reducing the overall dimensions of the machine and improving accessibility to the inking units.

On request, the inking units can be equipped with sleeve changeover systems directly in the machine, to avoid the handling of heavy sleeve spindles. This system greatly reduces the need for handling the printing cylinders, limiting this operation to specific needs relating to the printing of consistently different runs.

In addition, all the devices and components of the inking units that have to be taken out frequently for cleaning and changeover, like the bodies of the doctor blades, the ink basins, the anilox cylinders, the printing cylinders and/or sleeve spindles etc., can be replaced easily without the use of any particular tool. These features, as well as the standard automations provided with this line of machines, permit exceptional ease of use and operation.

Compact design also ensures good accessibility. Practical and highly safe to use: operation ensures absolutely no risk of danger.

  jPress 656 jPress 758
Number of colours 6 8
Diameter of the central drum 1000mm 1590mm
Print width 600-1000mm 600-1200mm
Repeats 250-650mm 250-750mm
Maximum speed 200m/min 200m/min
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