The models in the " kPress" series are central drum flexographic printers of sturdy and compact build. All the components of this series of machines are specifically designed to withstand severe mechanical stresses and, therefore, to run at maximum printing speed for long periods of time.

The extremely compact and ergonomic design of these printing elements means that the overall dimensions of the machine have been considerably reduced, allowing for greater ease of operation. In addition, the high efficiency drying system of this line of machines permits printing at high speeds even with the use of water-based inks.

This machine is equipped on request with integrated remote control systems, sleeve changeover systems directly on the inking units, automated printing cylinder and/or sleeve spindle changeover systems and work repeatability systems, all of which help to drastically reduce changeover times and ensure absolute control at higher printing speeds.

The inking units are modular and reach various levels of sophistication. The printing units are equipped as standard with a system for automatic positioning and pre-registration of formats when set and, on request, with precision re-positioning electronics with closed-loop control.

The "kPress" is an extremely versatile printing machine and can print at high quality also at speed. It is ideal for medium and long runs.

  kPress 906 kPress 1006 kPress 1008
Number of colours 6 6 8
Diameter of the central drum 1260mm 1450mm 2000 mm
Print width 1000-1600mm 1000-1600mm 1000-1600mm
Repeats 300-900mm 300-1000mm 300-1000mm
Maximum speed 250m/min 300m/min 300m/min
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