Our History.

Flexofem has operated for years in various industrial and service sectors. It was founded in 2012 by a group of professional technicians who had honed their skills and expertise in the industry for over a quarter of a century. This company now offers well organised services particularly in the fields of printing and flexible packaging, which represent its core business.

We have channelled years of study, specialisation, training and work primarily in the flexographic printing industry, along the lines of:

  1. The design, manufacture and technological development of electro-mechanical equipment;
  2. Support on an international scale, training in use and improvement of human - machine interfaces;
  3. The development of commercial activities and public relations for the distribution of these products and related services.

    Our team is well versed in the development of projects, process control, and coordination of the activities required for the implementation of processes, as well as the delivery of turnkey projects and the training of personnel in use. Our staff is specialised in various activities, including:
  • Mechanical, electrical and computer-related design;
  • Construction and mechanical assembly, electrical installations and electronic applications;
  • Knowledge of processes, the market and safety legislation in accordance with various international regulations.

Since our company started up, we have provided different types of technical support, developed new equipment and even produced complete machines. We have also formed partnerships with leading companies in the sector which, thanks to our unique expertise and services, have allowed us to implement our services with related products and thereby offer a fully comprehensive and all-round range.

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