eVolution SLE plastic film laminator

eVolution SLE is a line of machines designed for the laminationof plastic films, aluminium and paper with solventless acrylic-based adhesives. This particular technology helps to improve working conditions and ensure ideal environmental protection. The main features of this line of laminators are ease of use and precise transfer of the adhesives.

The coating system uses multiple dosing cylinders for the highly precise metering and transfer of the adhesives. The transfer roller has sleeves and can be changed quickly in the machine.

The tension of the materials used is controlled with maximum precision in each area to permit perfect control during lamination. In this regard, the use of vector drives ensures superior tension control and reduces maintenance.

These machines have different types of winder, with single or double axis, with manual or automatic transmissions, and with different sizes of roll.

  eVolution SLE
Number of coating/laminating units 1
Coating/lamination width 800-1400mm
Roll diameter 800-1000mm
Maximum mechanical speed 350m/min
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